google search optimization

Search Engine Strategies

Do you want to increase your website’s traffic?

Are you tired of paying for advertising that is not netting you a measurable return on your investment?

  • 95% of internet traffic comes from search engines and directories.
  • People use search engines more often than they use email.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the “natural” (or un-paid, organic) ranking of a website or web page in search engine results for relevant search terms. Your investment in this type of marketing can be measured, and our methods return your investment faster and longer than any other advertising medium.

Concentrating on generating NATURAL traffic (rather than encouraging you to purchase advertising that returns little on your investment) is a much wiser investment.

Our methods involve four basic areas:

1. Design

Website design methodology and structure many times has a large impact on search engine rankings. Normally changes need to be made here first in order to ensure your site is being indexed well. We can work with your designers or take care of these changes for you. [see also consulting]

2. Research

Your target market will be researched and analyzed so that the proper meta tags and keywords can be used. When the right target words are selected you will receive more relevant traffic.

3. Technique

Got WWW uses ethical methods of Search Engine Optimization, following search engines’ guidelines and known safe practices as to what is acceptable. Copywriting, keyword placement, meta-tags, etc.

4. Maintenance

Your site will be monitored for improvement and we continue working for you to keep your traffic growing. A properly optimized and maintained website can get a majority of its traffic from search engines.

“I had been very disappointed with the results of our website until now. After just a couple of months of SEO by Got WWW? I have seen a 400% increase in our traffic. The resulting sales have paid for the cost several times over.” – A Real Estate Broker in Michigan

A top 10 ranking in the major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, will generate more targeted traffic than expensive banner advertising campaigns. Good search engine positions are highly targeted advertising that is effective and long lasting!