Do I Need A Custom Facebook Tab?

Have you tried to market your business through Facebook? Have you found that the return on investment just isn’t worth the time or money? The solution may be in the form of a custom Facebook welcome page. Facebook provides you a few avenues to customize your page; a custom profile picture, an info tab (which is rarely clicked), and the option to add various applications to your page. A Facebook page tab is actually an app (in the Facebook programming world) that results in a custom page on your Facebook profile. The most important place to start is a welcome page, or landing page ...

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  • Domain Names

    You may have read the news a couple weeks ago (September 4th) that Google turned 13, but that’s not 100% accurate. officially turned fourteen 14 today, September 15, 2011. The domain name,, was registered by two Stanford computer science grad students on September 15, 1997, almost a year before Google filed for incorporation in California.

  • Kansas Governor Provides Good P.R. Lesson

    You’ve probably heard the story by now. Emma Sullivan, a high school senior participating in a Youth in Government program, tweeted the above while listening to Kansas governor Sam Brownback speak last week. The governor’s staff, like those in the service of many modern political figures, monitors social networking sites to evaluate the public perception […]

  • $10 million in Free Advertising on Facebook

    Before you take Facebook up on this offer or even consider paying for an opportunity to market your service or product to more than 800 million active site users, there are a few steps you need to take. You might only have once chance to convert this customer to a client – don’t blow it.

  • Never Work For Free? Really?

    Most of you are probably familiar with the quotation, “If you’re good at something, never do it for free.” Though the idea has been presented by scores of people in as many ways, this specific phrase is taken directly from The Joker character as portrayed by the late Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight. The […]

  • Twitter Announces Web Analytics

    Yesterday morning on their Developers Blog, Twitter announced Web Analyics, a fantastic new feature that will be extremely beneficial to business owners who want to track how much traffic Twitter has generated for their website. In July of this year, Twitter announced their acquisition of BackType, a service that helped users to further their understanding […]

  • Exercise Caution When Using Social Media

    Have you ever considered the effect what you say and do with social media has on the success of your business? Before you recklessly upload an album full of snapshots from the party last Friday night to cyberspace –before you submit your latest 140-character bit of cheeky wit or wisdom to the world, will you stop to think of the consequences?

  • Smart Marketing: Don’t Try to Explain Bluetooth to Your Grandma

    What image would come to mind if you heard the phrase ‘cloud hosting’ for the first time? The answer could be any number of things. If you’ve recently watched Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (or if you grew up with siblings who made watching it a weekly, if not daily habit), you […]

  • Not All Fun and Games, Twitter is Tool For Business

    Many people view Twitter as a childish game; just another haunt for people who have nothing better to do than to waste their lives away stalking celebrities and/or regurgitating endless streams of trivial and aimless updates hoping that even a handful of Twitter’s 200 million registered users will care.  In some ways, they are right. […]

  • Longevity <> Marketability

    I watched the premiere of a new show on Discovery Channel last night called “One Man Army” that caught me totally by surprise. The show is billed as “a competition series which sees the toughest of the tough go head to head in events that would sideline regular contestants in an instant”. As the show […]