Do I Need A Custom Facebook Tab?

Do I Need A Custom Facebook Tab?

Have you tried to market your business through Facebook?

Have you found that the return on investment just isn’t worth the time or money?

The solution may be in the form of a custom Facebook welcome page.

Facebook provides you a few avenues to customize your page; a custom profile picture, an info tab (which is rarely clicked), and the option to add various applications to your page.

A Facebook page tab is actually an app (in the Facebook programming world) that results in a custom page on your Facebook profile. The most important place to start is a welcome page, or landing page — also known as a gateway page on Facebook, because it can show content tailored to the current subscription status of the visitor. This is usually used to convince a visitor to take the first, all-important step of “liking” your page (clicking on the “like” button that appears just above the custom content).

The content of the page tab app is generated by a service developed and hosted outside of Facebook itself. It can include anything you can put on a website (with very few limitations, mostly size-related); text, graphics, and even video or forms to capture information.

A professionally designed welcome page tab can increase like rates by 100% or more without the use of cheesy gimmicks like contests. Holding a contest on Facebook can certainly give you more followers, but in most cases they will be low-quality followers.  People will like you just long enough to enter your contest, then either unlike the page or simply block you from their news feed, which means they will result in a negative return.

Some good examples of custom welcome tabs are those utilized by Coca-Cola and SoBe.  Or, if you’re not already a fan, you can try ours here.

Follow their lead and entice the masses to join your page and view your content.

If you’ve seen a welcome page that you like, please share it below in the comments.

UPDATE: As of March 31, 2012 you can no longer set your welcome page to display by default, you can only get users to that page by linking directly to it from a website or advertising links.