What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress Hosting is specifically designed and optimized for WordPress websites. In other words, it takes care of all the technical (behind the scenes) aspects of WordPress for you, allowing you to focus on creating and sharing great content. You don’t have to worry about site updates, site speed, up-time, or anything like that.

62% of the top 100 fastest growing companies in the US use WordPress.

For your website to be successful in 2024 you need to manage your marketing, hosting, brand awareness, social media, advertising, content creation, etc. This can become overwhelming and stressful, but we’re here to help.

When you choose our managed WordPress hosting service saves you manpower, time, and ensures the best performance. Investing in managed hosting, to begin with, allows you to focus all of your efforts on growing your business, and your website will be able to keep up with your growth.

34% of the world’s 10,000 most popular websites use WordPress.

We’ve partnered with the best managed cloud hosting company in the world, Liquid Web. All our WordPress sites are on servers that are highly tuned for speed, performance, and security making it a perfect hosting solution. We take individual care of each client’s site, to ensure it stays up to date and secure.

There’s a reason why top companies like Disney, Motorola, Red Bull, ESPN, Audi, and FedEx use this hosting platform.

More than just WordPress

We don’t just do WordPress! Have a project that needs a database server or a special application? We work with you to build exactly what you need. Want your site optimized for search engines? We’ve been doing that since before Google was born. Need help with content creation or just editing of your content? We have what you need.

And the good news is, we can bundle all these services into one low monthly rate to save you time and money.

Contact us today to schedule a review of your needs and get a custom quote.