Hosting in the Cloud

At Got WWW? we are committed to keeping the services we provide you online 100% of the time.  Today we are happy to announce that we are in the final stages of preparing to move all of our hosted systems to a new, more robust, powered by enterprise technology network of services based on the Cloud Computing model through our new partner, the Rackspace Cloud.

Our applications will be running from a fully redundant network that dynamically scales through clustering and load-balancing.  This technology is the most reliable way to stay online.  Our systems can now scale to the equivalent of thousands of servers to make resources available as they are needed to meet increasing traffic demands of huge traffic spikes.  And, if there is ever an equipment failure, for any reason, the other servers in the cluster pick up the load and our visitors are not affected.

All our new development will be hosted here.  If you are currently hosted on our legacy servers and are interested in improving your site’s reliability and ability to grow, please contact us for more information about the feasibility of moving your site over.